• You can now find Kukuxumusu T-shirts in ten SEARS centers in Mexico:

    Since last week, you can now find Kukuxumusu T-shirts in ten SEARS centers in Mexico. In addition, there is an official Kukuxumusu sample store on Satélite. Our T-shirts are now going to be much closer to people in Mexico City, in Nuevo León, in Sonora, Jalisco, Puebla, Yucatán and Querétaro through the SEARS centers in eight different ...
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    Television is man’s best friend, much more so than the dog, whatever it does. Although sometimes it hypnotizes us, and it can even dumb us down, now and again.  It can even make us forget that we need to visit the restroom, especially when Jon Nieve appears with that bad-humored look of his or when ...
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    Temperatures drop, Mr Testis’ balls are getting frozen and winter has just come. If you don’t want to get cold and visit the doctor, here are our 10 Kukutips.
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    Now available at the Kukuxumusu Online Shop the latest collection of umbrellas with Kukuxumusu designs which we have made with Clima. Long and short umbrellas that can open automatically and made with water-proof textiles which are adorned with the singular drawings and designs from Kukuxumusu. Among the new models which we are presenting are the integral ...
  • Mister Testis passing by in #TFW15

    This past weekend a fashion parade was held at the Thader Murcia Mall in Murcia as part of the Thader Fashion Week 2015 and there was a special Kukuxumusu outlet with its Wuaala, T-shirts set up there at this attractive Mediterranean region. And to brighten up this special occasion, our pet delegate, Mister Testis, the blue bull, also took himself ...
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    The Eurovision song winner, Conchita Wurst, has found a spot on our T-shirt dressed as a transvestite bull, in a fun parody which is, at the same time, paying homage to the new queen of the pop song.